Was your bowling lane born in a PR conference room?

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Over drinks last spring, an exec at one of the city's better-known real estate PR firms confessed that during the boom, she and her colleagues spent many hours brainstorming the amenities that would make the biggest media splash for a new development: Developers preferred that calculus to the potential effect on unit owners' common charges down the road.   CurbedNY's "Amenity Deathmatch" poll,  asking readers to vote on which condo--15 Broad (downtown) or The Aldyn (UWS) has the better bowling lane --reminds us of that conversation. In Curbed's "building vs. building showdown based solely on the things that drive up maintenance costs and never get used," The Aldyn has received 76% of the votes for best lane at last check. 

One commenter rejects the notion that bowling alleys, pools and other amenities drive up prices: "I live at 15 Broad, and can tell you that the maintenance costs are very reasonable..Try finding another building in NYC where maintenance is less than $1 sq/ft.. while having an elevator, doormen, Pool, Jacuzzi, Bowling Alley, Steam room, squash court, movie theater, Gym, and basketball court, and a 5000+ sq/ft common roof deck.."

Another is bemused. "[I]don't understand new yorkers' desire to bring basketball courts or bowling alleys to their basements. stand back if these sophisticates ever find out about insinkerators."
In what is perhaps a sign of less exorbitant times, The Aldyn is sharing its amenities with a sister rental building.  Budget-friendly? Yes.  But renters and owners are not necessarily known for blending seamlessly into one apartment-dwelling nation.  As one StreetEasy commenter notes, "Sounds messy."  (CurbedNY; StreetEasy)
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