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Tough love for FSBO seller: Your apartment is weird

By A. Ready  | October 12, 2010 - 12:58PM

A frustrated FSBO seller seeking advice on the sale of his/her $998k prewar Midtown co-op probably wasn't prepared for this: "Your apartment is an odd, weird, beautiful, time-capsuled, artisanal thing..." replies a broker on StreetEasy, amid comments that $1 million one-bedrooms typically do not fly off the shelves, even in Manhattan.

"Tough enough to sell on the UWS with a river view, but on a busy corner in Midtown? And so the work of selling it is not going to be principally about better photos (though I would recommend them). It's actually going to involve turning AWAY most responders, who aren't prepared for what they're going to see (and would make you cry by ripping out the entire interior) and finding the one odd person in New York that will just fall it love with it as is, where it is, lovingly preserved details and all." Bonus: "IME, that person will buy all your furniture too."

For anyone wanting more insight into the FSBO experience, may we recommend reading The FSBO Diaries in chronological order. Bring Kleenex. 


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