Painting original woodwork, a housing sin?

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Painting over woodwork can elicit some strong opinions beyond the ranks of renters wrestling with the consequences of 14 coats of paint on a window frame.  On Apartment Therapy a writer ponders whether it is acceptable to paint original woodwork in a 1940s Tudor-style home.  She also wants to know if “painting woodwork [is] something that can be reversed.” (From the comments it appears that it can be reversed, but it is a laborious process.)  "Please, please don't  paint it," pleas a passionate defender of the past. "Why undo 70+ years of history?"  Another reminds her how well fingerprints and scuffmarks show up on white trim.  Suggested alternatives to the whitewash?  A white rug, brighter bulbs, fabric upholstery, and art. (ApartmentTherapy)