HVAC "Dirty Sock Syndrome"

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We're familiar with high-efficiency washing machines that smell like cat pee, but HVACs that smell like dirty socks? That's a new one to us.  "Has anyone on this board had to deal with the so called 'dirty socks syndrome' from their new HVAC units?," writes an apartment dweller on WiredNY.  "Basically an awful odor comes from the unit when the AC is running, it goes away after the service guys clean it, but it returns in weeks to months without fail. It took over 2 years before I learned that this was a known entity that affects these relatively new types of indoor HVACs. I have to believe with all the new residential buildings that have gone up in NYC over the past few years, others have had the same problem. It is quoted to affect one half to two percent of units and apparently can even come back if you replace the unit. Looking for advice." Thoughts, anyone? (WiredNY)