Beyond Bugaboos: Social profiling by cross-street

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

Meanwhile on UrbanBaby, two darkly funny threads use NYC addresses as a post-Bugaboo tool for socio-psychological profiling. 

A couple of the more reprintable bits are excerpted below...but stop here if you bruise easily.

Thread #1: "Post your cross-streets or town and we will make up a story about you."

97th & Riverside: "You grew up in Manhattan in comfort, although the city was in a shambles in the 70's: big apartment, private school. You were cool. Moved away for college and grad school, but always intended to return. You were secretly disappointed that your 'native' status couldn't ensure some insider info that would buy you the lifestyle you had growing up, but you feel lucky to be on the UWS although your ordinary pre-war 2 BR doesn't compare to the rent-controlled classic 7 you grew up in."

(Read the whole thread here.)

Thread #2: "3d generation NYer here to badmouth your Manhattan neighborhood. Give me your address and I will say something bad about it."

68th b/w Columbus and CPW: "Used to be a place you'd go bang the stewardess or pretty midwestern aspiring waitress/actress you just picked up at the Ginger Man. Now, all those crap walkups cost a fortune and are inhabited by a melange of spinsters and JDaters working in finance. proximity to the Park provides solace to the otherwise joyless."

(Read the whole thread here.)

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