BrickUnderground in NY Observer - and a special thanks to Naked Guy

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We thought today's NY Observer story about us--"Help! I live in a building!" by Marianna Faynshteyn--was pitch  perfect.   

We are in fact every bit as sincere and good humored as the article says, and we have an obsessive interest in pretty much everything having to do with NYC homeowning. 

It is also true that no matter how many times we have seen our across-the-airshaft neighbor in the buff, something compels us to shout out each sighting to whomever is within listening distance. 

Today, we give Naked Neighbor a shout out of a different sort for doing his thing so serendipitously while Ms. Faynshteyn was doing her thing--and giving her grist for a winning opening anecdote.

So here's to you, Naked Neighbor. Now, put on some boxers before our kids see you.