Would You Rather?

Take advantage of the L train shutdown? Or get out of dodge? New Yorkers weigh in

By Mayra David | April 11, 2016 - 8:59AM 

Shaun Dawson/Flickr

So, what are we going to do about the L train? It looks like the subway line will be completely down for at at least 18 months due to necessary repairs (affecting parts of Manhattan and perhaps most adversely, neighborhoods in Brooklyn). We have yet to see how it'll all pan out, but we have intel that renters, developers and owners alike are getting concerned. So, we asked five New Yorkers: Would you rather take advantage of the temporary shutdown, and likely resulting price dips? Or avoid those areas altogether? Because New Yorkers are nothing if not practical.
Ride the wave I would take advantage of the shut down... then I'd just take the J train or bike it.  —Sam, Brooklyn Heights (pictured)

All or nothing Maybe if I were in a position to buy. For rent? Forget it. That's just at least two years of my life I'm not getting back, in addition to the rent money. —Declan, Brooklyn Heights

Commuter hell Commuting is a huge part of my day, so I wouldn't want to go anywhere there's no subway or limited transportation. I know there are buses, but in winter, that trek will be really bad. —Marissa, Astoria

Location, location Take advantage. Buy low, live cheap! The areas are still going to be nice, regardless. —Winston, Bed-Stuy

Lesser of two evils So your choice is insane rents vs. crazy commute? Take the low rent or price, I guess. If you have to live in Brooklyn, then maybe that's worth it. I'm glad I live uptown though.—-Joshua, Hamilton Heights

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