No MTA fare hikes, 'cool roofs' cut AC use, & more

By Emily Myers | November 16, 2021 - 10:30AM 

Emily Myers for Brick Underground

New Yorkers are spared any immediate MTA fare hikes or service cuts thanks to federal commitments to infrastructure spending (Gothamist)

Cool roofs: White-painted rooftops reflect heat and reduce the need for air conditioning—and cut greenhouse gases (The New York Times)

A new proposal to protect FiDi from flooding involves raising and pushing out the shoreline, plus tearing down a section of FDR Drive (The City)

A housing lottery opens for 94 rent-stabilized apartments at Plank Road, a 27-story building in 662 Pacific St., Prospect Heights (press release)

The city takes a step toward making outdoor dining permanent with the passage of a zoning amendment by the City Planning Commission (Crain's New York)

Taking a look at the future for New York's eviction moratorium—which currently lasts through January 15th of next year (Commercial Observer)

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