Tax day pushed to July, Amazon focuses on pandemic essentials, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
March 19, 2020 - 10:30AM

The IRS is giving Americans a three-month reprieve on paying their taxes this year—the payment deadline for 2019 bills is now July 15 (NY Post)

New York City broadened the ban on evictions to include cases that were recently transmitted to a city marshal to execute (press release)

There are calls for StreetEasy to stop counting days on the market until the city works through the current shutdown (Bloomberg)

Amazon will stop accepting all products other than medical supplies and household staples to its warehouses amid coronavirus crisis (Business Insider)

Some credit card companies are waiving payments and fees amid the pandemic (USA Today)

Alternative side of the street parking is canceled until March 24th, as officials work to stop the spread of coronavirus (Gothamist)

Headshot of Emily Myers

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