The Brick Underground Podcast: The intersection of transit and housing in NYC

The podcast also explores what public data collection can do for your housing goals. 

NYC Department of Transport/Flickr

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Where we choose to live in New York City is inherently tied to our mass transit options—commute times have an impact on property prices and the hunt for affordable apartments means people are living further from their jobs, especially if they work in Manhattan. Subway delays compound the problem of long commutes

In this episode of the Brick Underground Podcast, host Emily Myers talks to Sarah Kaufman, associate director of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportationabout some of NYC's most pressing transport issues as well as its success stories. 

It came as a blow to many New Yorkers when Andy Byford, president of the NYC Transit Authority, quit his job last week. His nickname "Train Daddy" hints at how much he reassured commuters he was going to get the system fixed but his departure is a reminder of how difficult that task is. We'll get into some of the challenges. 

The podcast also digs into what it means to be a smart city, how New York is competing in that area, how our urban environment can be better shaped to suit the way we live now and what public data collection can do for your housing goals.

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