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This mid-century Westchester gem is tempting us to kiss the city goodbye

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | October 16, 2015 - 8:59AM

Like most New Yorkers, we waste at least a couple of hours a week engaged in an entirely masochistic practice: perusing real estate porn outside of the city. While at $1.75 million, this three-bedroom, three-bath home in the Usonia section of Pleasantville isn't cheap (even by New York City standards), it's just about everything we're looking for in a fantasy property, gorgeous enough to tempt die-hard city-dwellers like us.

The open kitchen invites all to participate and chit-chat.

There are tree views from almost every room, and windows galore. Plus, this is a serious party pad, between the Jacuzzi and pool table inside the "pool room," and the bar—and huge terrace—outside.

Jacuzzi anyone?

Who needs to go out to a bar—ever—when you've got this one at home?

Architecture buffs, take note of this little history about Usonia: It's a community within Pleasantville in Westchester designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright himself built three homes with the community. This particular one was designed by his apprentice David Henken and is in the National Register of Historic Homes.

According to the listing, it's been "expanded and completely updated for modern living while maintaining the integrity of its original design."  We think the sleek/modern bathroom below proves that.

This bathroom feels like it belongs in a spa.

The house has a glass foyer, a great room with masonry fireplace, slate floor, and a new kitchen. 

This is probably nicer than your current foyer.

The master bedroom's got a fireplace. We really wouldn't mind waking up here every morning.

And Usonia offers serious privacy, in addition to a community pool and tennis court when you feel like interacting with other people. And it's less than an hour from the city by train. Tempted yet?


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