Plants that won't kill your cat, the rules for "sleepovers" in a roommate household, and more

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You can have indoor plants without putting Mr. Cuddles' health at risk (Refinery 29)

Your boyfriend (or one night stand) shouldn't be stealing your roommate's food out of the fridge, in case that wasn't obvious (My First Apartment)

How to handle a board member who's snitching to the building staff (Habitat Magazine)

Tweaks to make your post-collegiate decorations (i.e. wall of beer bottles) look a little more grown-up (Apartment Therapy)

Selling a house with your ex: just has horrendous as you'd think (NYM)

If you've got $65,000 a month to drop on rent, an art-filled Upper East Side townhouse is on the market (NYDN)

Market reports' numbers tend not to match up, so take 'em with a grain of salt (The Real Deal, previously)

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