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For $763 apiece, a Clinton Hill three-bedroom for "young energetic creative people"

By Virginia K. Smith  | November 18, 2014 - 3:59PM

Groups of budget-conscious roommates have been known to squeeze themselves into some seriously questionable spaces, and if you're on the hunt with some college friends, you could do far worse than this three-bedroom, one-bath on Willoughby Avenue in Clinton Hill. Sharing a bathroom and a cramped kitchen isn't anyone's ideal set-up, but at $2,290 a month—or $763 per room—that's a bargain we'd bet a lot of young renters would take.

The apartment is a block away from Pratt—and just a few blocks from the nearest G train—and the listing notes that both guarantors and pets are accepted. In fact, the landlord specifically says that they're looking for tenants who are "young energetic creative people Artist, Professionals, Musicians, Producers and Students [sic]." It's actually illegal under the Fair Housing Act to specify things like age when seeking out tenants, but in any case, if this sounds like a fit for you and your roomies, that shouldn't stop you from snapping it up.

Below, you can see what looks to be a reasonably large common space (which the listing notes could become a  fourth bedroom, if you're really looking to save cash):

And decent-sized bedrooms, to boot. Both the kitchen and the bathroom, however, look like they could use some love:

Not exactly anyone's idea of spacious or well-appointed, but this place is a bargain for a reason, and if you're willing to spruce up each room with some extra Ikea shelving—and get most of your meals from Seamless, the deli, or the microwave—there's no reason a group of game renters couldn't call this place home.  We can already picture the collegiate string of twinkly lights framing the mantle...


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