How to build your own loft bed, the unaffordable affordable housing, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | October 8, 2014 - 10:59AM

A DIY loft bed to maximize space in your rental (Apartment Therapy)

Is a $2,700/month one-bedroom really as "affordable" as the Astoria Cove rental complex is going to get? (NYP)

​Ikea came out with a line of furniture that can be assembled in five minutes (!) or less (Business Insider)

​The battle between a co-op board and resident tree-lovers rages on in Roosevelt Island (Roosevelt Islander, previously)

If you grew up on Staten Island, Gawker has decreed you Not A Real New Yorker (Gawker)

Meanwhile, Real New Yorkers think the city is getting worse by the day (NYDN)

It's apparently pretty easy for banned hosts to make their way back onto Airbnb (Business Insider)

Lift a few design ideas from this modern makeover of a Brooklyn prewar (Refinery 29)

A lightning-round strategy for cleaning your place in 30 minutes or less (GQ via Business Insider)

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