Sandpaper furniture is a thing, more bad news for Airbnb hosts, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | October 17, 2014 - 10:59AM

One way to stay, um, nice and exfoliated: sandpaper furniture (Apartment Therapy)

Your Airbnb rental (or your neighbor's) is almost certainly illegal (NYM)

Your co-op board will need to do some seriously diligent bookkeeping if it hopes take a non-paying shareholder to court (Habitat Magazine)

Almost 600 new apartments are coming to South Williamsburg next year, here's where to find 'em (DNAinfo)

The real reason for that no-pets policy, and other things your landlord wishes you knew (Trulia)

If you're hoping to pick up some digital New York real estate in the form of a .nyc domain name, read this first (DNAinfo)

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