Decorating for tiny bathrooms, why it's so hard to get out of rental application fees, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | September 22, 2014 - 10:59AM

Decorating tricks to make your cramped bathroom seem huge (or at least somewhat less cramped) (Apartment Therapy)

Unfortunately, application fees for rentals are more or less unavoidable (NYT)

Hudson Yards, Bronxdale, and seven other "new" NYC neighborhoods as designated by the Department of City Planning (Commercial Observer)

It might be tough to avoid prepayment penalties for your co-op building's underlying mortgage, but you can try (Habitat Magazine)

Kicking out a disgruntled "ghost" roommate is trickier than you'd think (Gothamist, previously)

15 affordable condos are headed for a new Brownsville building (NYDN)

Another reason buying a house right by the water (and on a wetland, no less) could be a bad investment: if things go really south, your government buyout might be pretty small (NPR)

May be time to re-read the fine print on your Airbnb insurance policy (NYDN)

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