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For the price of a Manhattan one-bedroom, a Rhinebeck Colonial — with two ziplines!

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | July 21, 2014 - 8:59AM

If you didn't make it out of town this weekend, we sympathize. While we were stuck here, our thoughts turned to the possibility of buying a vacation home. 

This five-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house in Rhinebeck, N.Y., is on the market for just under $800,000—about the same price as the average one-bedroom in Manhattan (and we're pretty sure you'll never find a one-bedroom that's more than 3,000 square feet like this place).

A two-hour drive from the city (and a 90-minute Amtrak ride away), Rhinebeck is one of those cute Dutchess County towns that's a great escape from the city—with farmstands, kayaking and an artsy vibe. 

The stone and brick Colonial-style house dates back to 1760, and has several original details, including moldings and one of those thick, wide doors you'd never seen in a co-op hallway. 

Above, old-world charm in the front entranceway and the ceiling moldings

Inside the house there are 12 rooms, including a formal dining room, breakfast room, family room and formal living room, andaccording to the listing—​61(!) windows.

Above, the formal living room has built-in bookshelves and a fireplace (one of two in the house).

Above, the house's breakfast room leads to a deck.

Now for the exteriors: The house is on a 12-acre property, complete with a barn with a loft and workshop, a pond, and two ziplines—yes, two!—one for kids and one for adults. After squeezing onto your fire escape and optimistically calling it a balcony for so long, you may not know what to do with all that outdoor space. We say hire someone to mow the lawn immediately—yikes!

Above, more outdoor space than any New Yorker knows what to do with.

Above, a barn on the property has a loft and workshop.

And how about a pond?

A zipline for kids....

... and one for adults, too.


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