Greenpoint named No. 1 for millennials, million dollar (and under) listings dry up, and more

By Leigh Kamping-Carder  | April 21, 2014 - 10:59AM

Looking in Manhattan for less than $1 million? Prepare for competition and compromise (NYT)

Attention millennials: Greenpoint named best place in the U.S. for you to live (Business Insider via The Real Deal)

What do veteran buyers look for in high-end homes? Not necessarily bells and whistles (WSJ)

It’s getting easier to take out a mortgage with a low down payment (WSJ)

And mortgage paperwork is going digital, saving borrowers time and money (NYT)

Dirty windows? Your landlord doesn’t necessarily have to clean them (NYT)

How did Queens nabes get their names? (Forgotten NY via Curbed NY)

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