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Whip your closet space into shape for under $20

By Cassidy Havens  | May 5, 2014 - 8:59AM

Ah, the elusive and highly coveted New York City closet space. If you can find more than one decently sized closet in an apartment, it’s like winning the lottery.

However big or small, closet space needs to be used wisely—how else will the obscene amount of clothes and that rarely used bass guitar actually fit? Here are five items, each for under $20, that will take you to organized-closet heaven:

1. Adjustable closet rod

For those of us who have too many hangers and not enough space to hang them on, this closet expander adds much needed extra space. Adjusts both width and height-wise and installs in seconds with no tools or drilling. The Container Store, $19.99

2. Over-the-door 24-pocket shoe organizer


Transform that giant heap of shoes into an easy-on-the-eyes collection. Not only do you sidestep a fire hazard, you'll also be able to survey the footwear you own and get out the door faster. Double win! Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99

3. Swinging arm pant hanger

This pant hanger saves precious room in your closet and eliminates the fuss of searching through a pile of slacks to get to your favorite pair. Swing the arm out to remove the bottoms, and voila, you’re no longer sittin' in your skivvies. Staples, $14.99/2 pack

4. Dream drawer organizers

Keep the sock side and underwear side of your drawer divided for good with these adjustable and easy to install dividers. You’ll never sleepily try to put a pair of underwear on your feet again, we promise. The Container Store, $7.99 to $15.99/2 pack

5. RealSimple scarf and belt hangers

Have an embarassing number of scarves and belts? Keep them organized and visible with this double-duty contraption. Plus, there are small hooks to hang your necklaces and bracelets, too. Bed Bath and Beyond, $9.99/2 pack

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