What to look for in a luxury apartment; introducing the toilet-sink, and more

By Sara Alessi | October 28, 2013 - 8:58AM

Besides location, location, location, here’re the 10 things luxury real estate buyers should look for (Forbes)

Desperate for space-saving ideas in your bathroom? Consider the toilet sink. Yeah, it’s a real thing (Gothamist)

New program trains doormen to keep an eye out for elder abuse, but does it invade privacy? (New York Times)

…and there are even customer service classes that remind staff to treat all residents with respect. Here’s how to find them (Habitat Magazine; previously)

Airbnb subpoena sends tremors through NYC's creative class--at least the ones who use Airbnb to supplement their income and pay rent (NY Mag)

…Think your UWS neighbor might be renting their apartment illegally? See if they made this map (West Side Rag)

Curious about what the city (and the noise-level) were like in the 1920s-'30s? A new website, The Roaring "Twenties,” can help you find out (NY Times)

What does “Manhattanization” mean these days? Newsflash: It’s not exactly a compliment… (The New Yorker)

Want to live where everybody knows your name (and where there are single- and multi-family homes with street parking)? Try peaceful Queens Village (amNewYork)

Tension on the board? Check out some tips to keep everyone minding their p's and q’s (Habitat Mag)

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