NYC discovers Jersey City, Brooklyn discovers Queens, thieves hit 740 Park Ave, StreetEasy sells for $50m and more

By Sara Alessi  | August 19, 2013 - 8:59AM

Getting priced out of the city?  Join the rest of the gang and check out Jersey City. Yes, that Jersey City  (New York Times)...

...Meanwhile, cash-strapped Brooklynites cross over the Queens border into Ridegewood (New York Times, previously)

While the rich are in the Hamptons, thieves get busy at 740 Park Avenue (

How hot is NYC real estate?  Local real estate site snapped up by Zillow for $50 million (New York Times)

One Cobble Hill couple makes it easier for peeping Toms to watch them in their glass shower (Gothamist)

Live in a luxe Chelsea rental? Here's why your doorman may be giving you the stinkeye (Gothamist)

Where’s all the affordable housing in NYC? A report finds that the city needs to do more for low-to-middle-income households (New York Times)

Afraid of natural disasters? You might have to give up the city and move to upstate New York (or Ohio!) instead (The Atlantic Cities)

5 signs of co-op/condo fraud (Habitat Magazine)

Welcome to Greenpoint, the worst neighborhood in Brooklyn--at least that’s how it seems to some (Gothamist)

Bloomberg wants public housing tenants fingerprinted (Daily News)


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