It just got easier to enter the affordable housing lottery--and harder to win; more foes for Airbnb users, and more

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New NYC housing site simplifies lottery registration for affordable housing--but is that a good thing? (New York Observer; NY Daily News)

Hotels prepare to crack down on their Airbnb competition (Crain's)

Don't just sign on the dotted line: Here's why you should read that lease closely (NY1; previously)

Sorry, Ikea. NYC launches program to encourage locally made furniture (New York Times)

Think your studio is small? Check out this garage-turned-apartment in London. Oh, and it's not cheap either (Daily Mail)

Want out? Tips for legally breaking your lease (AOL Real Estate; previously)

Still no shades on Cobble Hill resident's full-frontal shower  (CBS News)

A Hell's Kitchen co-op is irked by the CityBench in front of their building, now that a homeless woman has taken up residence on it (DNA Info)

Dealing with neighborly trash problems stinks (Daily News)

A City Councilman wants the city to get serious about building affordable housing in Brooklyn (Brokelyn)

You know how you know a neighborhood is sick of high-end developments? When residents prefer a prison (New York Times)


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