How to share a/c with your roommate, Jersey City vs Brooklyn, and more

By Sara Alessi  | July 8, 2013 - 8:58AM

Living in NYC makes you smarter, more creative (

Jersey City: The new (more affordable) Brooklyn (Business Insider)

Bike & stroller storage elbow out grocery delivery, wine storage in amenities arms race (NY Times)

How roommates should share a/c...politely (Gothamist)

There’s a hidden NYC rental tax you’re paying -- without even knowing it (Business Insider)

But don’t worry, the wealthy are getting a break  with cheaper jumbo mortgages (Bloomberg News via The Real Deal)

Can’t find an apartment? It could be because the number of apartments for sale in Manhattan is at its lowest in 13 years (New York Times)

...meanwhile, first-time buyers hit the market in the second quarter (New York Magazine)

A sponsor that condo owners actually like (Habitat Mag)

Thought moving in NYC was tough? Try Montreal (New York Times)

The hard times aren’t over yet -- first-time foreclosures nearly double, especially in Queens and the Bronx (The Real Deal)

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