Private eyes catch airBnB users, a Brooklyn parking spot fetches $80k and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | July 25, 2013 - 8:58AM

Despite what the talking heads say, buying a home isn't for everyone (New York Times)

Air pollutants may be closer than you think ... specifically in your kitchen (New York Times)

Some great news about property taxes...for owners of uber-luxury co-ops, that is (The Real Deal)

Thinking about subletting your rental when you go away? Watch out for that private eye (New York Post)

Believe it or not, even Sesame Street isn't safe from gentrification (New York Magazine)

Want a parking spot in the Slope? Be prepared to hand over $80,000 (F**ked in Park Slope)

Abolishing NYC rent regulation would be a "win-win-lose...great for the landlords and the middle class, and awful for people who benefit today" (NY Times)

Prepare yourself for some extreme jealousy: Here are 8 of the city's most awesome private pools (New  York Magazine)

Here's how to update your building's alteration agreement when renovation plans keep getting larger and more complex (Habitat Magazine)

Among the tips for a successful open house -- declutter and give agents ample access to the apartment (DNA Info)





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