Surviving a NYC summer without a/c, rental showings on demand, and more

By Sara Alessi  | July 15, 2013 - 8:57AM

Think a fabulous apartment is the key to happiness? Think again. (New York Times)

No a/c? Here’s how some New Yorkers are beating the heat this summer (DNAinfo)

These days, you can get more than TV on-demand; a new service offers renters apartment showings on-demand, too (Naked Apartments; The Real Deal)

If you're moving to New York City, you may want to leave your pet panther -- and other exotic animals -- at home (The Real Deal)

You might want to invest in a pair of good earplugs or soundproofing, if you can afford it, because silence is increasingly hard to come by in this city (New York Times)

…but just when you thought your life was loud, try living above an off-Broadway composer (NY Post)

Beware of bug bombs. 20 foggers explode in Chinatown, partially collapsing a building (New York Times)

Instead of completely renovating your kitchen before you put it on the market, consider staging or touch-ups, some much cheaper alternatives (New York Times)

And perhaps unsurprisingly, fully staged model units are moving fast in new developments (New York Observer)

Expecting a raise? Here are the ritziest residential buildings in NYC (am New York)

It's true, Queens is starting to get a piece of Brooklyn's real estate pie  (DNAinfo)


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