Real Estate Want: A closet with a little bit of Mr. Big

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If you're like most New Yorkers you're probably rigging shoe storage on the back of every door in your apartment or shoving your off-season wardrobe under the bed in vacuum-sealed space-bags. 

The walk-in dressing area in this $7,500 per month East Village Condo, however, makes us think of that moment everyone in the audience gasped in unison during the first Sex and the City movie when Mr. Big opened the doors to Carrie's custom closet in their Park Avenue apartment…yes, we're still jealous.

No more crouching and digging in dimly lit cubbyholes…now you can stretch out and style yourself in a spacious boudoir. Well at least a girl can dream...

Real Estate Want is a weekly column featuring New York City apartment details we're coveting right now.