Real Estate Want: A one-night stand in an $80k/month sublet-in-the-sky

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This flashy $80,000/month co-op rental in the West Village is the perfect pretty face for a one night stand, but we're not sure we're ready to commit.

Starting from the ground (floor) up, there's a 3,000-square-foot (!) private garage  — an incredible find in the city, and perfect for whisking in and out unnoticed. The glass(?) floors (!) are gorgeous and might be fun to tread on with a pair of stilettos, but everyday upkeep? No thanks. The twin Sub-Zero refrigerators in the kitchen are not bad either, though in the long run, we’d have a hard time remembering which side the milk’s on.

Real Estate Want is a weekly column featuring New York City apartment details we're coveting right now.