Accepted at about 1,200 NYC apartment buildings, Insurent Lease Guaranty guarantees leases for thousands of New York renters each year at an average cost of about 80% percent of a month’s rent (if you have US credit) and 110% (if you are foreign with no U.S. credit).

Here are a few great reasons to choose Insurent...

  1. Your mom will cry when she finds out how little your salary is.
  2. Your dad will cry when he finds out how big the rent is.
  3. You don't know any potential guarantors in the Tri-State area who (1) earn 75-85x your monthly rent and/or (2) are willing deal with both the paperwork and risk of being liable for your unpaid rent.
  4. There haven't been any entry level jobs that pay 40x-50x the monthly rent in NYC since the early 1980s.
  5. Your French accent is perfect because you were born and raised there, and, having just moved to New York a week ago, you have no U.S. credit history.
  6. You haven't felt the need to work since Great Aunt Edna passed, leaving you 1,000 shares of Apple stock she purchased in 1989.
  7. You haven't felt the need to work since retiring (quite well, thank you) at age 65.
  8. The landlord will accept just one guarantor per lease and neither your parents nor your roommates' parents are willing to risk their retirement savings on your rent.
  9. You can't live without a doorman, nor can you afford one on your salary.
  10. What you spend on alcohol and earplugs in the dorm would almost cover the rent on a studio apartment.

Sound like you or someone you know? Then Insurent is a no-brainer.

Click here to apply online and find out whether you’re approved in about an hour; the guaranty is usually delivered to your landlord within 24 hours.

Click here to view the buildings and landlords that accept the Insurent Program. 

Or read more about Insurent here:

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Insurent: Making NYC more accessible one rental at a time

Insurent Lease Guaranty is the first and only institutional guarantor of residential leases in New York. To qualify and get the apartment you want, visit or call 646-843-1712.

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