Room for Improvement

Room for Improvement: Wishing for a better layout, and a nicer smelling apartment

By Tracy Kaler  | June 29, 2012 - 8:57AM

From a better layout to a less dingy bathtub, here's what seven New Yorkers wish their apartments had:

Space for my instruments: “Even though my current apartment is bigger than the other apartments I’ve lived in, it’s still not quite big enough. Since I’m a musician, I’d love to have one additional room—for the drum set!" -John, Brooklyn Heights

A better layout:“My bedroom is a long and narrow rectangle. It’s almost impossible to place furniture. There’s no good wall for the bed. I wish it were more of a perfect rectangle or even a square.”  -Gia, Yorkville

An open plan that wouldn't require co-op approval to renovate:“I wish part of the wall didn’t exist between our kitchen and living room. We want to create an open plan so the space feels larger, and then we wouldn’t need approval from our co-op board to renovate our tiny kitchen. Our building is stalling the project.” -Heather, Upper West Side

A break from the stairs: “I’m tired of climbing five flights daily, especially with groceries. I’d love an elevator, but right now it’s not in the budget.” -Cassandra, Hell’s Kitchen

A less funky summertime smell: “When the temperature goes above 80 degrees, this awful smell comes out of nowhere. It sort of smells like natural gas, but it’s not. The gas company has done an inspection. It wasn’t noticeable until after we bought the apartment because it wasn’t warm enough at the time. We dread it every summer.” -Anonymous

More windows in the kitchen: "Since I’m a chef and I cook every day, I’d like more windows in my kitchen. The one there now isn’t big enough and food looks best in natural light.” -Amy, Upper West Side

A less dingy bathtub: “My bathtub is green from the ‘70s. It’s not a pretty green either, but a dirty green. Since I don’t own it, I can’t change it.” -Nicole, Upper East Side

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