Cool Stuff:'s new map tool lets buyers customize search boundaries

By V. L. Hendrickson  | November 7, 2011 - 2:01PM

When we last checked in with, the collaboration tool for buyers had just launched a proprietary searchable database of Manhattan and Brooklyn listings enabling users to search for buildings by very specific attributes, like pet-friendliness or 24-hour doorman.  

Last week Buyfolio implemented a mapping tool to allow home buyers to customize their real estate searches by choosing just the blocks they are interested in--rather than, for example, having to wade through every listing above 59th Street when all you really want are places for sale between W. 72nd and W. 86th Street. 

That makes it a lot easier to find an apartment in a certain school district or within a few blocks of your favorite dog run.

Buyfolio’s mapping tool uses several points to help users choose the area they want, and you can create a zig-zagging zone that excludes some blocks, but includes others. The site also allows you to save your custom areas in a folio, so you only have to create it once.

The mapping option is becoming something of a trend: New York City apartment search website launched a similar feature this summer (once you're signed in, go to 'advanced search' and click the Custom Boundary box). And's  "lasso" offers its own hand drawn search" tool.  Hotpad's is a little easier to use, but not quite as precise as Buyfolio's. Additionally, Hotpads is a national site, while Buyfolio boasts local New York City knowledge. 

Registration on Buyfolio is free, and the site sends email updates when new listings are added. If you’re looking at more than one neighborhood, you can create a folio for each area of interest. For those buyers who haven’t got their dream neighborhood narrowed down, Buyfolio still offers traditional “Neighborhood Selection” to see all the listings throughout the broader boundaries of the area.  

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