NYC Real(i)ty Speak

NYC Real(i)ty Speak: 5 signs your gut renovation has worn off

By Veronica X.  | May 5, 2011 - 7:37AM

Nothing lasts forever, not even the six-figure renovation of your two-bedroom apartment....

  1. A mushroom is growing out of your illegally-installed whirlpool bath
  2. You over-indulged your 3-year-old's passion for pink.  She is nearly 7 now and loathes the color so much she says it burns her eyes.
  3. Your master bath tile is cracked and the tile company went out of business
  4. THREE WORDS:  Dark.  Green.  Marble.
  5. You can finally afford to go on vacation again.

Veronica X. is a Canadian by birth, an Upper West Sider by nature, and an Upper East Sider by choice and circumstance. She has finally found an apartment big enough for her family, books, and shoes and is now in the process of renovating it. 

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