Is forced-air heat a dealbreaker?

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Radiators are as quaint, and passe, in new buildings in New York as metal-cage, do-it-yourself elevators. But forced air or ductless systems may raise new concerns if they lack humidifiers. "Forced air heating is uber-drying and headache producing. It is a personal deal-killer for me!" says one irate commenter on  Another adds"My apt is dry as a bone during our non-humid winter months... I run several humidifiers to take the edge off, but with I had an hvac installation with a humidifier." 

Others contend that radiators can be just as drying and harder to regulate, temperature-wise.  The same experience led some to recommend systems that add moisture throughout the building if possible.  Other solutions: Humidifiers if you have an under-window PTAC unit or standard radiators.  Best choice, says another, is under floor hot-water radiant heating.                                                       


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