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Vote for your favorite NYC real-estate app by March 9th

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By Margot Slade  |
March 7, 2011 - 2:19PM

Transparency and accountability are the pillars of power for New York’s apartment dwellers and the theme of this year’s seven real-estate entries in The NYC BigApps Competition.  Now’s your chance to signal which of the real-estate contestants are doing the job effectively.

Vote on as many as you want, but only once per app, by March 9. Following are the candidates, their platforms and current vote totals.

  • Who Is My Landlord? ( allows tenants to identify their landlord (not always an easy proposition) and look up Department of Buildings violations in one place, as well as leave comments about their building. Since we wrote about back in January, we've gotten to know two of the 'hackers' responsible, and learn about their next online real estate project, whose potential has been quietly blowing our minds. More details to come as soon as we get the ok to spill 'em ... (42 votes)
  • Bad NYC Apartments ( collects and packages data reflecting how badly some landlords maintain their properties, so you can avoid them. (51 votes)
  • Rate Your Hood! is an Android app for rating and commenting on living in New York City neighborhoods. (3 votes)
  • forRealEstateNYC ( combines New York property sales data from the last decade with real-time property-related feeds from popular social sites so you can slice and dice information like sale price rendered in a 3-D ‘data cube.’  Or at least that’s what the description says; you'll need Windows to check it out, which we don't have. (20 votes)
  • ( gives the average price of homes in your neighborhood along with how schools rank in New York State. (180 votes)
  • ( is a classifieds search engine for rating neighborhoods and displaying what they offer in terms of public facilities. (7 votes)
  • Zonability-NYC ( aims to help small-business owners find out if a location's zoning allows a use or not. (45 votes)

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Teri Rogers Headshot - Floral

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