No-Fee Building of the Week: Everything you need--in Riverdale
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No-Fee Building of the Week: Everything you need--in Riverdale

By A. Ready  | December 13, 2010 - 11:07AM

Giving up Manhattan for Riverdale involves some compromises: longer commutes, not-so-many restaurants, no Whole Foods (at least yet). But with the median rent for Manhattan one-bedroom apartments (excluding Upper Manhattan) being $2,900, the rent relief found in its northern neighbor may be alluring.   

At The Century, located at 2600 Netherland Avenue at West 227th Street in Riverdale, the developer appears to have taken advantage of space to provide an impressive array of action-oriented amenities. The 600-unit complex harbors a 100,000-square-foot fitness center and spa, including an indoor pool, six indoor basketball courts, six indoor tennis courts and a cafe. There is also a nursery/elementary school on-site.

The doorman building features newly renovated apartments with hardwood floors and most units have views. According to no-fee search engine, there are currently one-bedroom units available for $1,455 and Junior 4 (one bedroom plus a dining area) units for $1,700.


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