The kitchen you hate may not be a kitchen

By A. Ready  | November 4, 2010 - 10:04AM

Real estate broker-blogger Malcolm Carter takes a look at the kitchen-related regulations of New York City's Administrative Code. Apparently, many Big Apple apartments do not have kitchens, only kitchenettes. How can you determine whether your food preparation space can be called a kitchen? It must contain at least 80 square feet, and "the total window area must be a least one-tenth of the floor area, and all required windows must be at least 12 square feet." Kitchenettes, unlike kitchens, are allowed to be windowless as long as mechanical ventilation is provided.

Does your apartment sport a lowly kitchenette? You're in good company. This 1,285 square foot apartment at the Sherry Netherland, located at 781 Fifth Avenue and currently listed for sale at $3,975,000, has a 10'3" by 4'7" kitchenette. (Malcolm Carter)


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