A new bug to hate, and this one stinks.

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Move over bedbugs, there's a new bug in town. The newest bug sensation doesn't bite, but it sure does stink. NBCNewYork is reporting that stink bugs have been spotted (albeit thus far in small numbers) in New York City. In some areas of the Northeast the smelly insects have already made their way into homes. Pest management guru Gil Bloom tells us the 3/8" long insects are not such a big deal in Manhattan--his employees at Standard Pest Management have only seen them in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County so far. "Proper screening and the sealing of sealing of cracks, crevices and gaps along the the exterior and under eaves can help keep the pests out," he says. Rather than stomping on the bug and its stink glands, says Bloom, opt for the vacuum. But be warned: They may impart a temporary aroma to your Hoover. (NBCNY)