Craigslister wants to give your roommate bed bugs; Murray Hill porter caught in resident's lingerie, and more!

By A. Ready  | September 28, 2010 - 11:51AM
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A daily tour around the web through the eyes of a NYC vertical dweller:

  • This Craigslist chiller comes via “Do you hate your roommate and are moving out? Leave a fantastic goodbye present. Nothing says ‘Eff You!’ like some BEDBUGS. I have bedbugs safely stored in jars for the perfect sabotage. Free of charge, will meet anywhere.” Welcome to bed bug terrorism, the new frontier in roommate wars. (Bedbugger)
  • The New York Post reports “[an] alleged cross-dressing porter thought he'd hit the jackpot with a resident who owns a trendy lingerie line -- until she caught him with his pants down in her Murray Hill pad, the traumatized tenant claims.” BodyRock Sport owner Kelly Dooley called the porter “a complete sissy. … His hands are up, and he's begging me, 'Please don't tell." Police found Solano hiding in the basement. (NYP)
  • CurbedNY reports that Clipper Equities, the owner of Brooklyn's  giant Flatbush Gardens housing complex, "is the 44th member of an exclusive group: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's slumlord list.” One tenant even has mushrooms growing on her ceiling due to a leak.  Chicken marsala, anyone?  (CurbedNY, NYDN)
  • A writer at The Local, NYU’s new blog collaboration between their School of Journalism and the New York Times, wonders “Are complaints about noisy bars and congested streets overblown?  Or do residents have a legitimate expectation that business owners control the riff-raff?”  They asked for readers’ opinions, and they received.  “NYU’s interest in the East Village is laughable. Your domination over the East Village is ruining our sense of community.”  (TheLocal)
  • S.Jhoanna Robledo compares the two "Towers of Power," 740 Park Avenue and the upstart across the park, 15 Central Park West.  Surprise!  15 CPW has the advantage in four out of six categories.  Perks at the newcomer?  “Absolutely everything.”  (NYM)
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