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Norah Jones will be making beautiful music from this--equally beautiful--Brooklyn house

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WHO: Singer Norah Jones just bought the house made famous in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Our house could be in a movie too, because we call it “Pray, Hope, Party.” We Pray the neighbors don’t turn us in for putting the place on Airbnb, we Hope the building next door won’t figure out we’re stealing their WiFi, and we Party because, well, we’re getting away with the first two on the list.

WHERE: Jones recently paid $6.5 million for a two-story former 1840s firehouse in Cobble Hill, where the median rental price is $3,600 and themedian sales price is $1.1 million.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: There are three single-family Cobble Hill homes currently on StreetEasy: a $7 million three-bedroom townhouse, a $4.5 million house with six to seven bedrooms and a $3.1 million four-bedroom townhouse.


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