Your Celebrity Neighbor

Introducing Boerum Hill's most beautiful new residents...

By Sharon Krum  | September 30, 2015 - 3:59PM

WHO: In his upcoming HBO series, Vinyl, Bobby Cannavale will play a 1970s New York record label president who lives the wild life. In our hopefully upcoming TV series we’ll play a co-op board president who changes the house rules to mandate owners have wild parties weekly, Cannavale included in the guest list, or they’re voted out. Sounds like a plan, no?

WHERE: "Boardwalk Empire" actor Cannavale and actress girlfriend Rose Byrne  (they  starred together in Annie) just paid $2.2 million for a three-bedroom townhouse in Boerum Hill, where the median rental price is $2,900 and the median sales price is (a whopping) $2.999 million.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Want to live like Bobby and Rose (and Keri Russell, too) and snag a Boerum Hill townhouse all your own? At the moment there are 17 on the market, ranging from  a four-family home for $2.495 million to a $6.9 million four-bedroom single-family home.


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