Your Celebrity Neighbor

Trump's in the headlines again—this time for real estate (and thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo)

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WHO: We always wondered what would happen if we planted grass seeds in our living room carpeting? Could we grow a garden or, better yet, a soccer field? Memo to soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s  new neighbors: Something tells us you’re about to find out. We hear the Real Madrid superstar likes to practice at home.

WHERE: Ronaldo just paid $18.5 million for a three-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot condo in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Midtown, where the median sales price is $2.8 million and the median rental price is $4,897.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Assuming you're looking to live in a Trump building, too, there are plenty of condos on the market (13 to be exact) at 721 Fifth Avenue, ranging from a $2.75 million one-bedroom to a  $23 million four-bedroom. If you're not ready to make a commitment, there are also 14 rentals available, starting at $6,500 (and that's for one-bedroom measuring over 1000 square feet).


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