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For this Russian billionaire, two UES townhouses are simply not enough

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WHO: Russian bazillionaire Roman Abramovich recently bought his third New York townhouse -- his other two are either side of his new purchase -- and now plans to combine all three and build one super house. We get it. We’re working on combining our tub with our bathroom and kitchen sinks to make a lap pool. We haven’t told our co-op board, why ruin the surprise?

WHERE: Abramovich, who owns the Chelsea Football Club in England, paid $30 million (chump change really)  for his third house on East 75th Street on  the Upper East Side, where the median rental price is $3,390 and the median sales price is $2.295 million.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: While it'll be hard to find a three-townhouse combo like this one, there are some single townhouses on the market in the area, including a 40-foot wide $42.25 million townhouse on East 73rd Street and a (smaller) four-bedroom townhouse for $12.5 million on East 78th Street.


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