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Lincoln Square just got a dose of serious Italian glamour

By Sharon Krum | July 21, 2015 - 3:59PM

WHO: Isabella Rossellini recently asked why we have such an obsession with youth, remarking that she certainly doesn’t wish to be 20 years old once more. We also don’t yearn to be 20 (too much angst), but have a longer list, too: We don’t wish we were paying a mortgage and maintenance, and we don’t wish we bought into that building near the Holland Tunnel the broker promised us was quiet. Your turn, Isabella.

WHERE: Model and actress Rossellini recently paid $1.3  million for a one-bedroom condo on West 59th Street on the southern tip of the Upper West Side (also known as Lincoln Square). The median rental price is $4,635 and the median sales price is $2.4 million.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Want to live like Rossellini? There are two apartments for sale in her building — a one-bedroom for $1.4 million and a two-bedroom for $2.7 million. If you're looking for less of a commitment (or cash outlay), there are rentals available too — from a $4,100 one-bedroom to a $12,000 three-bedroom.


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