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"Mad Men" may be over, but Joan would never leave New York

By Sharon Krum | June 23, 2015 - 3:59PM

WHO: Actress Christina Hendricks recently did a turn on Sesame Street explaining to kids what technology is. She pointed to a laptop, a cell phone, and a tablet, but didn’t mention the device that allows you to summon any train in the NYC subway system  to arrive the minute  you hit the platform. They have invented that right?

WHERE: Hendricks, who  played the ad agency secretary turned  partner Joan Harris in Mad Men, bought a $1.16 million one-bedroom condo in the Parc Vendome in Midtown, where the median sales price is $1.5 million and the median rental price is $3,750.

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Want to live near the bombshell? There's a studio for sale for $700,000 in the same building, but most of the available apartments are actually rentals.  Rentals range from a $2,900 studio to a $5,500 one-bedroom.  The four-building complex has two roof decks, so maybe you'll actually run into Hendricks while you sunbathe.


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