Your Celebrity Neighbor

Your celebrity neighbor: Julianne Moore

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WHO: Actress Julianne Moore attends the premiere of HBO’s "Game Change," the iniside story of Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential run. Did Palin’s supporters slam the movie? You betcha.    

WHERE: Like last week's Celebrity Neighbor Karlie Kloss, Moore and family live in Tribeca. Good thing the public elementary schools are top-notch there, because the median sales price in the 'hood is a whopping $2.675 million and the median rental is $9,500 per month, according to StreetEasy, which currently lists 336 apartments for sale and 153 for rent in Tribeca.

Your Celebrity Neighbor is a weekly heads-up on the A-listers who call your neighborhood home and (in theory) shop the same Duane Reade as you.