Your Celebrity Neighbor

When not making movies -- or wine -- Francis Ford Coppola calls this downtown neighborhood home

By Sharon Krum  | August 12, 2015 - 3:59PM

WHO: Francis Ford Coppola recently cooked pasta for film students in Cuba. We’d like to know if he can also come chef at our place,  but this time it’s our books that need cooking. We need to make our three figure income look like six,  otherwise the only way we’re getting a bank  loan for our dream condo is by sticking up the place.  

WHERE: Director and five time Oscar winner Coppola recently paid $2.5 million for a two- bedroom apartment  in the West Village, where the median rental price is $4,095 and the median sales price is $2.225 million

WHAT'S AVAILABLE: Sorry, Godfather fans. There are no apartments currently available in Coppola's building, but if you want to snag yourself a similar two-bedroom, there are 12 on StreetEasy at the moment, ranging from a (small) $899,000 two-bedroom on Perry Street to a combined two-bedroom, two-bath on Horatio Street that's asking $3.3 million.


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