Terrible Listings Photos

Repeat after me: 'A picture of a destroyed kitchen will not help sell my house'

Souffles are notoriously difficult to get right. This one has blown the ceiling off the kitchen and forced the owners to sell their home.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

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The Terrible Listings Photos don't stop. This week there's a blurry picture with a man who appears to be doing, well, we're not quite sure, as well as a picture of a kitchen that has seen much, much better days.

The pictures and spot-on captions are courtesy of Andy Donaldson, whose Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos website and book specialize in the worst of the real estate web. Consider the final photo a caption in visual form.

Bill’s job shearing sheep allows him to work from home every Friday.

One of David Hockney’s lesser-known faux-naif works, entitled “Parents Licking their Child."