Would You Rather?

Would you rather have great amenities or cheaper rent?

By Lambeth Hochwald | July 23, 2018 - 1:00PM 

If you could decide, would you prefer to have an extensive number of amenities in your building or pay less rent every month? Another way to look at it: Would you rather have the convenience of a gym and other perks right in your own building, or more cash in your wallet to spend on a gym and other services of your own choosing? This question, posed to five New Yorkers this week, prompted some very interesting answers:

I can DIY my own amenities

"I’d choose to spend less on rent because I can create my own amenities with the money I’d save. There’s not much to do in my neighborhood so I need all the money I can save to move out.”—David Shaw, East New York

I'd rather make my own choices

“I’d rather choose which laundromat I go to or which gym membership to pay for rather than be stuck with what the building provides. Plus, extra money for fun things like travel is more appealing than amenities I likely would not use very often.”—Kelly Munzenberger, Astoria

Spare me the laundromat, please

“Are we talking about an in-unit washer/dryer or a doorman? Because I’d sacrifice a week’s pay to not have to go to the laundromat ever again!”—Aubrie Fennecken, Carroll Gardens

Shoes matter way more to me

“Even if you’re someone who wants a pool and health club, don’t you want to choose which pool and health club? Like maybe you want spin classes and not just an elliptical. Or maybe you want the elliptical, but it seems every time you go to your in-building gym, someone is using it. Personally, I work out at home and would rather save that money for covetable shoes and fabulous vacations.”—Sherry Smith, Chelsea

I'll workout more often

“Having my gym downstairs motivates me to go, knowing there is a building manager to let me in when I lose/forget my keys (which is weekly!) and feed my cat when I’m away is far cheaper than employing a locksmith or cat sitter and having a safe place to park my bike at night saves on inevitably replacing stolen bikes. For the slightly more I pay in rent, I save in crazy gym memberships, unknown cat sitters or dodgy handyman.”—Lucy Kaiser, Williamsburg

Verdict: A majority of the New Yorkers would rather pay less rent and have more money in their pockets.

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