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The big deal about pieds-à-terre, Washington Heights vs. Inwood, & more

Henrik Johansson/Flickr

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This week, readers checked out an article comparing two of Manhattan’s most northern neighborhoods, plus another one on garden apartments, where the term has a different meaning depending on whether you live in Queens or Brooklyn. Another article looked at pieds-à-terre and why owners find themselves in the center of controversy these days—and a potential new tax.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories.

1) What is a pied-à-terre and why is it such a big deal these days?

2) Washington Heights vs. Inwood: Which neighborhood is for you?

3) Netflix's 'Russian Doll' and other tv shows film in my UWS brownstone

4) Can my co-op board dictate how I price my apartment?

5) What you need to know about garden apartments in Queens (because they mean something else here)