Faking it: 6 artificial plants that will truly green your apartment

There's nothing at all artificial about the way Joss and Main's sweet synthetic eucalyptus plant (on sale for $27.95) looks.

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Plants and New York City apartments don't always mix, especially if you don't have a green thumb (or sunlight, for that matter). Real plants cost a decent amount of money—the oh-so-au courant fiddle-leaf plant, for instance, can start at $80 and go as high as the low hundreds, depending on size). And all that can go wasted without care-taking, or hospitable conditions—not always possible in light-starved, overheated NYC spaces.

Here's where artificial plants can make a difference, and we don't mean the phony, plastic-y foliage of malls and doctor's offices, either. Chic, rendered in Mother Earth-true colors, and deceptively real to the touch, they can be a go-to for plant-phobics if they choose just right. Here, a selection of fake plants that can give city apartments a real dose of nature.

There's nothing to dislike about this charming bouquet of lavender from Wayfair ($21.99), except perhaps the missing fragrance. Then again, you could try spritzing a few drops of lavender oil to the leaves to help add perfumey verisimilitude to your arrangement.

No extensive and expensive trimming required for this double-ball topiary from Joss and Main ($60.95), which can add a touch of elegance to a living room or foyer.

A pretty phalaenopsis ($62.99) that's almost as good as true from Nearly Natural will enliven any room.

Nearly Natural's Dieffenbachia plant ($79.99) stands four feet tall, perfect for energizing a dreary corner with tropical flair.

This fruticosa tree by Vert Lifestyle ($139.99) straddles the line between real and fake by combining actual tree bark with synthetic leaves. It's handmade, so expect fine detailing, and also perfect for high-ceilinged apartments and lofts, standing over five feet tall.

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