Would You Rather?

Spring is here and stir-crazy New Yorkers want to get out. But where to go?

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Spring is here, and so New Yorkers have begun to pine for the great outdoors. But restful spots are hard to come by in the city, so we asked a handful of New Yorkers: Would you rather live next to a public park or have a private decked-out courtyard?

Kid tested, parent approved Park is definitely the better option. You can go for a jog there, or take the kids out to play or have picnics. There's so much more to do than just... I don't know what you do in a courtyard. Sit on the benches, I guess. We live close to the water and we go for walks with our kids along the waterfront. My son often asks if we can go to the park instead. —Zachary, Long Island City
Grass is always greener A park is nice because you can get away from the city for a bit. I'm thinking a big park, here, not one of those ones that's just an island that's nothing but a gap in the streets. A nice big park with trees, hills, and grass where you can get lost. —Vlad, Battery Park (pictured)
The social networks I'm lucky enough to have both our kids like to play with the other kids in the courtyard. It's perfectly safe so we can even let the big kids in the building play unsupervised. But being close to a park is wonderful for running and for taking long walks; and there social activities in parks in the summer, too, where you can meet other people from the neighborhood. I guess if I had to give one up, I'd find it harder to part with the park. —Marcel, Park Slope
Break free A park. I don't really know anybody but people with kids who use the building courtyard. Plus, I always think courtyards are kind of depressing-looking, like a prison yard or something. —Allison, the Bronx

Going to the dogs I have a dog, so I love being close to a park for walks. I take him out in the streets but a dog run, and just having the space, is good for both of us. A courtyard wouldn't do any good. —Lauren, Hamilton Heights

Verdict: A clean sweep for our well-kept, amazing parks! Go NYC Parks Department!